Nathan: I like a round robin algorithm myself

Ceez: what's that?

Nathan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Round-robin_scheduling

Nathan: It keeps me from starving

Ceez: gosh

Ceez: that must be a hell of a program then

Ceez: so you take an equal share of everything on your plate?

Nathan: Basically I just keep eating everything in front of me, without prejiduce, until it's gone or I'm dead. As it mentions, if the tasks are varying, sometimes I fail since I get sick off of one part, and other parts don't get eaten

Nathan: but yes, in order

Ceez: is there a specific order or is this initial random task assignment

Nathan: Usually the initialization comes in on their own, so it starts out as a queue.

Nathan: I also prioritize my algorithm slightly so that yummier things get eaten faster. But really, that only has a minor impact since it'll all be eaten anyway

Ceez: does the =!M&M or =M&M function restructure the queue?

Ceez: IE are there any overarching dominant variables

Nathan: M&Ms are a fairly heavy job to process. They usually come in on their own in order not to starve the other processes during a heavy period. Luckilly they can be consumed at a low frequency

Nathan: So by the time a second one is initalized, the previous one is finished

Nathan: in this way it begins to resemble any other sort of algorithm, since I only deal with one job at a time

Ceez: Aron didn't make me breakfast this morning and then ate all the soymilk and left, where does that fit into the algorithm

Nathan: Jello. Jello is usually given high priorities, but will not be accepted into the pre-processing queue until we can validate that memory access algorithms will not corrupt any of the other jobs in the queue

Nathan: Sounds like you might be entering into a deadlock situation unless you can work around the problem using a substitute.

Ceez: I'm thinking of initializing skim milk into the queue just to spite him

Ceez: I just had some maximum throughput though, the espresso kicked in

Ceez: one of those situations where you examine the output and you're just like "wow, where did all that come from?"

Nathan: That's just gross

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