My cat likes to investigate my bathroom.

She also likes to jump on high places, and will get on top of the bathroom door and sit there while I do my hair or makeup.

Usually I don't pay this much thought, and simply retrieve her when I'm done with my morning oblations.

Yesterday morning however, the phone rang:

I, forgetting my cat was in such a delicate situation, opened my bathroom door rather swiftly to get to my phone, which was in my bedroom.

This leads into the simple physical concept of "friction loss." If an object (cat) is on a platform (top of door) but not attached to it by any outside means, it has a relatively simple friction coefficient due to the benefits of gravity. However, if the platform (top of door) is acted on by a strong enough force (me opening door quickly), the object (cat) cannot compensate and friction due to gravity is overcome, resulting in loss of friction (cat falls off top of door).

Fortunately for the cat, I managed to catch her. Unfortunately for me, I caught her with my face. Many, many people have probably fantasized about having an excited pussy on their face...not fun, I tell you. Not fun.

It could have been worse...she missed my eyeball by about a fraction of an inch.

I'm including this shot to let you decide whether or not my cat is an agent of Satan.

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