Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I try to have at least 3 or so costume ideas on hand in the week before Halloween, but I almost always end up throwing together last-minute costumes anyways. This year was no different. I was dead-set on what I was going to be until the day before Halloween when my sister and I went to Toys R Us for a little fake-weaponry shopping for her costume (it is really stinkin hard to find decent toy weapons nowadays, fuck you very much wacko anti-weapon activists) and we found these "spy gear" kits:

All sorts of little widgets and gizmos that real spies would never use since they're loaded with flashing lights, fiber-optics, and other attention-getting features, but would be perfect for a cyberpunk outlaw-style outfit. Widgets, gizmos, big fuck-all black boots, straps, buckles, and zippers all over the place, blaster gun on a low-slung belt, and a samurai sword. Think Firefly meets The Dark Tower.

A. came over and graciously helped me take these pictures. He knows more about digital camera stuff than me so he was able to make some "artsy" shots which I liked very much, since the extent of my camera knowledge is I can turn the flash on and off. I rule.

The fiber-optic hand thingy is by far the coolest piece of gear I had on. I have yet to figure out what actual "spy" use it would have, though. The orange ear-light was really bright; I had to keep turning it off when I talked to my friends because they claimed it was searing their retinas.

Han Solo, eat your heart out.


Justin said...

What might my readers be reading about on Monday. I'm just curious. j.

Justin said...

Hey, am I being ignored? Because I responded to your B-Day Comment. So that shouldn't be the basis of your ignoring me. j

Justin said...

And why do you have your date stamp set to the weird european model. This is December 3rd, and not March 12 as some would have us believe. j.
P.S. Sorry to lash out. Bitter about you ignoring my comment.