I've long considered myself musically-impaired. I didn't start to pay attention to music until I started college and I still know very little about any of it except that I hear stuff occasionally that I like. Fortunately, I'm blessed with the friendship of some of the biggest indie-music snobs/geeks/obsessives this side of Cleveland, who've helped me develop my tastes. My only problem now is I'm having a hell of a time finding the music itself. The stuff I want doesn't exactly get stocked at my neighborhood Best Buy. At the suggestion of my friend Erin, I signed up to a site called www.emusic.com. Holy crap! Suddenly I'm up to my eyeballs in music, all ready and available for my downloading pleasure. I hardly knew where to start, so I started here:

Electric Six - Fire!

I'm a fan of these guys. I saw them at the Grog Shop a while ago (they're also playing the Grog again on Nov. 3). They're decadently, unapologetically, cleverly(?), dumb. I haven't figured out yet if the disco/rock/new wave mishmash they put out is ironic genius or just some guys making really fun, stupid music, and frankly I don't care. If you need to get your mad funk on, these guys are a good way to do it.

Interpol - Antics

Not Electric Six. I like them anyways.

James Figurine - Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

Do you like The Postal Service? This guy (Jimmy Tamborello) is the same guy who does The Postal Service! It doesn't sound anything like The Postal Service, though. I like to type The Postal Service for some reason.

Seriously, it's a good album. Downtempo, breaky-bass unf-unf-unf music. I like to think it's Jimmy Tamborello's way of coming home and lounging around in his boxers.

The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

I'd never even heard of these people until today. Apparently this is their third album, which means I live under a rock when it comes to awesome music. Guitars! Guitars! Guitars guitars guitars! Tempo shift to vocal arrangement, then, GUITARS! Yayyyyy!

The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart

Fuck you, I like these guys.

The Wondermints - Mind if We Make Love to You

Another previously unknown band...but how can you go wrong with a name like The Wondermints? Nice 60's surfish rock sound. I'm glad they don't suck, because their name rules.

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