The Wall Street Journal Online recently posted a story on the dangers of using instant messages in the workplace and measures you can take to ensure privacy, no doubt inspired by the events that led to congressman Mark Foley's resignation. The problems I have with this run thusly:

1. You're at work. You should be working, not chatting on IM.

2. If you do need to use IM for work-related purposes, there shouldn't be any need for privacy.

3. If you're a sexual deviant, keep it out of the workplace. I'm not condoning pedophilia, but logically speaking, wouldn't it make sense to not advertise that fact on an easily-trackable networked system? Yeah.

Seriously, save it for your hand and that bottle of lube on your nightstand. Don't be sitting at your desk talking to the intern 30 feet down about how nice some assless chaps would be looking on his supple, chiseled thighs. Come on people, this isn't rocket science.

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