Left front: Socrates the Greek basil
Right front: Virgil the Genoese basil
In back: Plato the tomato

They're doing quite well so far. I've never really cultivated plants (I like to joke I have a black thumb) before so not only is this an opportunity for fresh herbs and fruits, it's an exercise in learning how to keep green things alive long enough to have said fresh herbs and fruits. Fortunately my apartment is blessed with a ginormous sun-room in the front so light is not an issue and I don't have to mess around with outside boxes or anything. However, I do happen to have a cat with herbivorous tendencies, and while I haven't seen any little bitty teeth marks appearing on the leaves yet, I worry that it's merely a matter of time.


Alex K. said...

instead of eating the plants, bella could poison the greek basil plant with hemlock...but i don't think that grows around here...she could substitute queen anne's lace with the intention that they look similar and so they'll have similar effects...but i doubt that would work

Christina said...

My little Bellamonster and I have reached detente, I think. Provided I keep her in kibbles and fresh water and keep her box meticulously clean and provide ample tummy rub action, she stays off my plants.

Fortunately I do this anyways so the negotiations weren't a stretch. Nobody ever said cats were smart.